Meet Juridoc the New ‘All-in-One’ CLM Platform

Meet Juridoc, a new ‘all-in-one’ contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform, that covers everything from doc automation and creation, to negotiation and editing, to workflows and approvals, to contract management and setting up deadline alerts.

Juridoc, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and São Paulo, Brazil, is an end-to-end system designed to reduce the time and costs associated with the contracting process. In particular, it’s been made to be affordable for medium-size companies, greatly increasing its potential market.

The platform, which works in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish right out of the box, was created by CEO and founder, Maxime Troubat, and officially launched this summer after two years of development.

Troubat told Artificial Lawyer: ‘We are very happy to have launched our platform after almost two years of testing and improvement. After less than two months we have already more than 300 users.

‘We are about to enter our Phase Two: which is the acceleration phase in order to increase our presence in Europe and South America. To do so, we are looking for investors for our Series A funding round, which will start in a few days.’

He added that the investment will be run through their European headquarters in Portugal.

If you’d like to watch a detailed and in-depth AL TV Product Walk Through with CEO, Troubat, then press play to watch/listen inside the page. (Main walk through is 15 mins, plus 6 mins of Q&A.)

It’s worth watching the walk through if want to get a sense of how the many connected features of the platform work together.

AL TV Productions – Detailed + In-Depth Product Walk Through. Sept 2020.

And here’s an overview of the key features:

  • Automate any document in less than 10 minutes with a proprietary editor,
  • Approve, negotiate and edit contracts online,
  • Receive alerts for deadlines,
  • E-sign document (SignRequest and Docusign integration) 
  • Import, manage, monitor and archive all your documents.

Overall, this shows a couple of things: that new legal tech companies with the ability to operate globally are not just coming out of the US and UK; and that there remains a lot of opportunity to take market share in the CLM space, especially if focused on the medium-to-large corporates with smaller legal teams that perhaps don’t have the massive tech budgets Fortune 500 companies have.

After all, the majority of companies on this planet are not mega-corporations with dozens, or even hundreds, of inhouse lawyers – but they still need contract automation, a digital collaborative space for contract approvals, and a contract management system.