Noah Waisberg, Kira CEO: Learnings From The Journey

You have all heard of Kira Systems, and you may have had the pleasure of hearing its co-founder and CEO, Noah Waisberg, speak on a range of subjects related to legal AI, but what do we really know about his 10-year journey with the pioneering company he helped to create and that has shaped this part of the legal tech world?

In this open-hearted AL TV interview we hear about Waisberg’s journey and what he has learnt along the way, and especially consider the challenges and rewards of being a leader of a company that has grown from a seed of an idea to a mainstay of the sector.

Press play to watch or listen to the interview, approx. 23 mins.

AL TV Productions. 2020.

In this AL TV interview we cover:

  • How it all started, back when Waisberg was an associate in New York.
  • The big decision to quit and make corporate law better.
  • How he met his co-founder, Alex Hudek.
  • The beginnings of the company.
  • Operating for several years without making any money.
  • Changing the name to Kira Systems and growing the business.
  • The challenges of becoming a leader of a tech company: what skills he had already, and what things he had to learn along the way.
  • The proudest moments so far.
  • What next for this legal tech leader.

And here’s an image from the old days, when Kira was called Diligence Engine.

Many thanks to Noah Waisberg for spending time with AL TV. It’s an inspiring story.