AL TV Webinar: Streamlining Contract Management – Nov 24

You are invited to participate in this new AL TV Webinar with ContractPodAi and Inmarsat. The live event will focus on streamlining your contract management process.

It will be hosted by Artificial Lawyer, and will take place at 3PM (GMT), November 24. It is free to attend. Please see the registration link below.

In the webinar, Charles Dimov from ContractPodAi will be joined by Steve Rigler, Director of Contract Operations from satellite and communications company Inmarsat. Together they will review recent research findings into how corporates are handling the contracting process, as well as exploring Inmarsat’s own legal digital transformation experience. They will be joined in discussion by Richard Tromans from Artificial Lawyer.

L to R: Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi and Steve Rigler, Director of Contract Operations Inmarsat.

During this pandemic year contract management hasn’t been immune to challenges. Rather, the crisis has put heavier than usual demands and scrutiny on corporate contracts.

As such, this latest research provides some useful insights into the state of contract management. Meanwhile the case study of how Inmarsat has digitised its contracting process will provide some practical takeaways for use by inhouse legal teams around the world.


• How Inmarsat approached their contract process transformation,

• Best practices when it comes to the transformation journey, and,

• Research insights into how other companies are approaching contract management in these challenging times.                       

Don’t miss out on this informative session at 3PM (GMT), November 24.