What Does Digital Transformation Really Look Like?

Digital transformation, especially in relation to inhouse legal teams, is something we hear about a lot. But what does it mean in real terms? What does a digitally transformed legal department look like and what does it do differently compared to before? To find out some answers to these questions, AL TV interviewed ContractPodAi‘s CEO and Co-Founder, Sarvarth Misra, whose company is focused on working with corporate legal teams.

(To watch or listen, please press play. Approx. 17 mins.)

AL TV Productions. 2020.

In this interview we explore:

  • How digital transformation is fundamentally a change management project.
  • The realities of implementation and moving beyond a piecemeal approach to the use of digital tools.
  • Where this transformation can help, such as improving governance; KPI development and attainment; better business outcomes; and improving the economics of contracting.
  • The direction of travel for legal departments.

Thanks to Sarvarth Misra for the detailed interview.

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Artificial Lawyer Founder, Richard Tromans, will host the live webinar with speakers from ContractPodAi and the contract team at satellite and communications company, Inmarsat. As well as looking at how Inmarsat’s legal team has undergone a digital transformation, results from a recent survey on change within corporate legal teams will also be explored.

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