AL TV Interview: Mark Cohen – The US Experience

Mark Cohen, the well-known US-based legal tech commentator, has had an interesting career, spanning from a meteoric journey through commercial law to launching what was then a groundbreaking legal services business called Clearspire in 2008. Today he runs his own legal business consulting group, Legal Mosaic, and is also a prolific writer on this sector. AL TV talked to him about some of the big themes of the day, especially with regard to what is happening in the US market.

Some of the areas we explore are:

  • Deregulation, or re-regulation, in the US – what it means and how far will it go? Plus, how this connects to access to justice.
  • Is the legal tech world significantly different in the US compared to the UK?
  • Government involvement and support for legal tech and innovation projects, and how the experience in the US has been different to that in the UK and Singapore.
  • And also, in terms of important developments in legal tech in 2020, what is the one company he’d highlight most of all?

(Press play to watch/listen inside the page. Approx time: 22 minutes. )

AL TV Productions. Dec 2020.

Many thanks to Mark for the interview.