Law Soc’s Iordanou Joins Tabled + Product Walk Through

The Law Society’s Head of Commercial Development and Lawtech Lead, Panicos Iordanou, has joined legal tech startup Tabled, which has a focus on matter management and was created by the former GC of Crowdcube, Paul Massey.

Iordanou told Artificial Lawyer that his new role as Commercial Director at Tabled will focus on ‘everything commercial, such as sales, product strategy, and understanding client needs’.

He added that working at the Law Society, the representative body for solicitors in England & Wales, had been a great experience and he had learnt a lot there.

‘I handled matters such as licensing and sponsorship at the Law Society. I was involved in putting on the Society’s lawtech conference and worked on the Barclays Eagle Lab partnership,’ he explained.

‘It has been a good place to gain a broad perspective,’ he added, and noted that he had got to know Massey some time ago, but had now made the decision to start a new chapter in his career.

He now joins Massey to help grow Tabled, which toward the end of last year received a second Seed funding injection of £450,000, and in 2019 was part of Slaughter and May’s first cohort for its Collaborate incubator.

All well and good, and it’s interesting to see someone move from a legal sector body to a legal tech start-up. (Note: the Law Society is not the regulator of the profession in England & Wales, that’s the Solicitors Regulation Authority).

But, what does Tabled do? Below is a short AL TV Product Walk Through that quickly explains things. (Press play to watch inside the page. Approx time 7 minutes.)

AL TV Productions, Jan 2021.

Massey added that the platform, which seeks to connect legal teams with external lawyers and internal clients in a seamless, no-code environment, has seen an increase in interest during the pandemic, given the need for digital work-flow management tools during the move to remote working.

Some of its key capabilities include:

  • ‘Create a single point of entry for all requests to your team via a ‘legal front door’
  • Intake forms can be tailored to collect and log the details and attachments you need upfront – no more messy email chains
  • Tasks can be allocated to team members or external lawyers in a click
  • Users can leave comments, exchange messages or share documents, to create a single source of truth.’

Check out the short AL TV Walk Through above to see this in action.