News Analysis: What Is Lupl + What Will It Do?

Lupl is something quite special in the world of commercial law, it’s proof that law firms can really collaborate together to make something that’s of benefit to the whole community. AL TV talks to new CEO, Jeff Green, and Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Pollins, about what Lupl is all about and what it will provide to the market.

(Press play to watch/listen inside the page. Approx. 25 mins.)

AL TV Productions. Jan 2021.

In the interview we cover:

  • How Lupl helps to remove the friction between all the different moving parts involved in legal work.
  • Lupl’s approach to open integration with legal technology solutions.
  • Is Lupl the jam in the donut, the legal tech grease, or a universal adaptor, or all three?
  • How would a deal management tool fit into Lupl?
  • What are Lupl’s corporate goals?
  • Do all firms need to use this to make it work?
  • What is its Knowledge Hub and how will its dashboard work?
  • What it’s doing with the Singapore Ministry of Justice.
  • And more….

Thanks to Jeff and Matt for the interview and congrats to CMS, Cooley and Rajah & Tann Asia for putting this together.