Carlos Gamez Leaves TR + Partha Mudgil Joins H4

Two major moves in the legal tech world have taken place: Carlos Gamez, Senior Director, Legal Platform for Thomson Reuters, has left the giant company; and Partha Mudgil – previously a key member of the Nakhoda team at Linklaters, and most recently at BRYTER – has joined H4, the legal and financial sector document creation and analysis platform.

Gamez is a well-known figure in the legal tech world, often commenting on its changes and appearing at events. He has had several different roles at Thomson Reuters, working often on special projects for the company, such as product roll-outs in new markets. He is also a lawyer by background and has worked closely with Thomson Reuters’ inhouse legal team.

He is joining a company that is also in the legal tech space and he will take on a key managerial position there. He told Artificial Lawyer: ‘I wanted to get back to general management.’

He added that he had a great time at Thomson Reuters and was involved with a wide range of projects that included ‘looking at strategy and acquisitions, helping to create teams inside the business, and innovating on our go to market strategy’. All in all a broad and interesting career inside one of the world’s largest legal tech companies.

The move quickly follows the news of the departure of Andy Wishart, the co-creator of Contract Express and a senior member of the Thomson Reuters legal tech team. Wishart has joined Agiloft.

Gamez also worked closely with Wishart, although he explained that his move was not directly linked to Wishart’s, and that his own departure is primarily about taking on a new senior role after a decade at Thomson Reuters. (And, he is not joining Agiloft, if you were wondering…) Good luck to him on his new role!

Partha Mudgil was one of the key people behind Linklaters’ internal tech team, Nakhoda, which has a primary focus on building very structured digital documents for the financial services sector, and is known especially for its work with ISDA the derivatives organisation.

Last year he moved to no-code process automation company BRYTER, but now has moved to H4, which perhaps could be seen as closer to what Nakhoda was doing.

He will be Director of Revenue at H4. Artificial Lawyer caught up with Partha and asked him about this new role.

What will you be doing at H4?

In my role as Director (Revenue), my primary focus will be identifying and addressing customer demand to grow the business. However, given the complexity and nuances of our market, I will also be working closely with our Product team to develop the right capabilities to serve what is a pretty sophisticated tech-savvy customer base.

Put simply: why move to H4? 

From a legal tech perspective, the financial services sector is grossly under-served. Addressing this demand requires significant domain expertise, a robust data security infrastructure and sector-wide relationships. H4 is one of the very few ‘new-age’ companies that combines those features and has a serious shot at becoming an industry utility. Its success with clients like J.P. Morgan and ongoing projects with banks and law firms I have already worked with made it an easy choice.

You were at BRTYER for about seven months, why the short stay? 

It was a very productive seven months at BRYTER, especially given how quickly the team grew in that time. Ultimately, given my background, it was more the type of role at H4 and its focus on the financial sector that prompted the change.

And generally, how do you see H4 helping law firms and financial institutions as the platform develops?  

H4 is solving key challenges for financial institutions and law firms. H4’s platform offers clients superior tools that enable substantially faster creation, with data captured at source to help clients analyze their content and manage risk.

Streamlining multi-party legal workflows enables all stakeholders, including law firms, to ‘offload’ project management to technology and focus on value-added services. Importantly, all of this must be done in a highly secure, robust ecosystem – which is what H4 provides. Further, as the platform has grown its feature set can be deployed for any type of legal documentation, which is very exciting! 

And also good luck to Partha on the new role!

So, there you go, the legal tech world remains as vibrant and changeable as ever. P.S. We’ll be able to tell you more about Gamez’s new job very shortly.

(Main pic: Partha Mudgil on Left, Carlos Gamez on Right.)