Legal Innovation

Rejuvenation and Why We Need Legal Tech Startups

22nd February 2021 artificiallawyer 0

Imagine a world without tech startups. There would be no Google, no Apple, no Amazon, none of the social media companies, no Uber, no online challenger banks, and the list goes on. An entire segment of our daily lives would not exist – or if it had come into being another way, i.e. provided by incumbents that didn’t really want to change, things perhaps would be very different, perhaps not so…..innovative.

Document Automation

Documate Co-Founder, Dorna Moini – In-depth Interview

19th February 2021 artificiallawyer 2

Document automation is one of the most populated segments of the legal tech market. At the same time feedback to this site suggests that demand is steadily increasing among lawyers, which in turn is helping the players in this vibrant segment to keep growing. A case in point is Documate. Artificial Lawyer caught up with the company’s Los Angeles-based CEO and co-founder, Dorna Moini, to hear more about her company, and how it is evolving.