This Thursday: The Legal Tech Groucho Club – 4PM GMT

After a really successful first Legal Tech Groucho Club get-together last week, we return this Thursday with a new and expanded group of great cohosts to explore key legal tech issues.

As before, the Legal Tech Groucho Club will take place at: 4PM GMT, 8AM PST and 11AM EST. (You’ll see the event listed in ‘Upcoming for You’ on Thursday on Clubhouse)

Joining us this week are:

  • Electra Japonas and Roisin Noonan – from UK-based The Law Boutique and the OneNDA project,
  • and also Alex Su, of AI-powered CLM, Evisort – (you have probably seen his great videos on social media).

We will also have several of our regular cohosts as well:

  • Patrick Fuller – VP Legal Intelligence, American Lawyer Media,
  • Ryan McClead – CEO, Sente Advisors,
  • Tom Martin – CEO, LawDroid, and Co-Founder of the American Legal Tech Awards
  • Olga Mack – CEO, Parley Pro,
  • Rick Merrill – CEO and founder, Gavelytics.

The format will generally be as before, and some of the key themes this week will be:

  • Standardisation – e.g. can we get to a universal NDA? (See the work of OneNDA).
  • Following on from last week – what is productisation of the law and how does it connect to the legal tech world?
  • The rise of CLM 2.0, – ie. CLM but now with NLP added.

Look forward to seeing you all there and hearing your questions at The Legal Tech Groucho Club! 4PM GMT, 8AM PST and 11AM EST.