Litigaze Case Outcome Visualisation Tool – Product Walk Through

Litigaze is a new visualisation-based legal tech startup tackling the challenge of how to evaluate the outcome of litigation, including what will be the likely financial outcome.

Created by Len Hickey, who is based in Australia, the system in effect works with your own ‘idea scaffold’ as you plot the potential outcome of a case. It uses a very intuitive visual mapping system (see video below) and helps you to build a logical framework to reach an answer that you can share with a client.

Or, as Hickey explained:

  • ‘Litigaze is a visual modelling tool that helps lawyers and their clients take the guesswork out of complex litigation evaluation.
  • With Litigaze lawyers can easily create intuitive visual models that capture all the options, opportunities and risks for any litigation.
  • Litigaze’s built-in insight tools leverage techniques from decision science to create robust case evaluation benchmarks and data-rich case analyses.
  • Using Litigaze legal teams can move beyond gut instinct guesswork to achieve more confident data-driven litigation decisions.’

Please see the AL TV Product Walk Through below. Press play to watch inside the page. It’s about 13 minutes.

AL TV Productions. April 2021

Artificial Lawyer really liked this approach as it builds upon the way you think, rather than forcing you into someone else’s logic pathways. In effect this is about visualising your own thought processes.