Avokaado Targets UK Growth With Advantage Consulting

Document automation/CLM platform, Avokaado, which is based in Estonia but has built a pan-European client base since launching five years ago, is now targeting growth in the UK market. The company is hoping that a partnership with Advantage Consulting will allow it to make further headway here.

Avokaado already has clients in the UK, such as Bedford Row Capital, Funderbeam, Coolbet and 1Office, but understandably is seeking more growth here, in what is the second largest legal market in the world. Also, a number of law firms and ALSPs are starting out in their Early Adopter Programme in the UK, the company told this site.

In the UK, they are targeting small and medium sized businesses and commercial law firms, they added. And as for Advantage Consulting, they already work with Clio, Actionstep and Verify 365, and it has a network of consultants.

Partnering with consultancies is a popular strategy, and we have seen this for example recently when KPMG linked up with CLM company Sirion Labs. Well-known legal tech advisors, SYKE, also works very closely with several large legal tech companies, from doc automation systems to CLMs.

When it comes to describing what Avokaado does it can be a bit tricky to put a name tag on it, as they’re not just doc automation, but they are not covering some of the features you might see these days in broader CLM platforms, such as Agiloft or ContractPodAi.

As the company explained: ‘The Avokaado platform is now open to all UK-based law firms to help streamline contract assembly and automate their workflow management, as well as provide storage of all documents in a single digital space. Avokaado also provides a legal services marketplace for law firms to monetise their contract templates through a client CLM portal.

Advantage Consulting’s CEO, Rudi Kesic, said: ‘We hand-pick all of our service providers, only entering in partnerships with the best legal software platforms. With Avokaado, we feel that we have found the missing piece that fits in our existing lawtech advisory stack to help UK-based law firms better navigate in the saturated lawtech market.

‘With the addition of Avokaado’s Nordic quality, we are well equipped to lead the transition from ‘legacy systems’ to newer, more robust and adept systems as seamlessly and cost effectively as possible.’

While, Mariana Hagström, founder-CEO of Avokaado, added: ‘Avokaado’s mission is to make contracting an easy and affordable process for any law firm. We work with lawyers from all over the globe to increase the efficiency of legal services and the sector’s marketing know-how. Advantage Consulting has demonstrated successful partnerships in helping law firms grow and we are confident that this strategic partnership will lead the digital transformation of the UK legal sector.’

Main pic: part of the team celebrating Avokaado’s recent fifth birthday.