Product Walk Through: ContractPodAi Cloud – CLM

AI-powered CLM platform, ContractPodAi, has been steadily evolving, and in this AL TV Product Walk Through we explore some of the key features of the latest version: ContractPodAi Cloud. Chief Evangelist, Jerry Levine, leads the walk through, supported by Tara Bennett, Director of Solutions Engineering, EMEA.

In the video Levine shows how by implementing AI-based technology solutions such as ContractPodAi Cloud, GCs and legal teams can more easily handle any legal document, process, or scenario, from contracts to claims, to IP portfolio management. 

In addition, he explains how to create increased structure and visibility for contracts with a single central repository, along with related search and reporting, as well as how to reduce a company’s overall risk profile through the Contract Risk and Compliance tool.

In the video Levine also mentions that he sees their approach as providing an ‘operating system for inhouse lawyers and external counsel’.

Please press play to watch inside the page. It’s about 25 minutes.

AL TV Productions. June 2021

Thanks to Jerry and Tara for presenting this extended sponsored AL TV Product Walk Through.