And Now Factor + LawGeex Join Priori’s Marketplace

Yesterday, ALSP Factor announced the launch of its Factor Connect close partnership group, which includes Priori. Now, the flexible resource company has in return added Factor and NLP doc review pioneer LawGeex, as well as another ALSP, QuisLex, to its marketplace.

Priori explained that the idea is to help clients not just find lawyers – which is its primary offering – but to now access a range of ALSP and legal technology options at the same time.

Artificial Lawyer caught up with Priori’s CEO and Co-Founder, Basha Rubin, (pictured above right, with Chief Product Officer Mirra Levitt) to ask some more, and in particular to ask how this all works in tandem with the Factor Connect group.

How will this work? Will it also be like the Factor Connect partnership?

We are onboarding legal technology, law companies and other legal service providers to our global legal marketplace, in addition to lawyers and law firms.

The companies we are onboarding for this initial launch are LawGeex, Factor and QuisLex, and we anticipate adding more companies on an ongoing basis. In-house legal departments use Priori’s platform to find the right attorney at law firms of all sizes — and now to find industry-leading legal technology and legal services solutions as well.

We are partnering with Factor in two ways: Factor’s services will be offered to Priori’s clients through our marketplace (Priori’s news), and Priori has also partnered with Factor to use our network to provide specialist expertise and flexible talent to Factor’s clients (the Factor Connect partnership). 

The partnerships are related in that they both signal increased collaboration in the legal market, but our project – onboarding legal tech and legal service providers to our network – means that in-house clients can seamlessly access new law solutions and compare them to traditional legal service options on our platform.

When did the marketplace launch?

Since 2013, Priori’s marketplace has connected in-house counsel with attorneys and law firms. This is the first time Priori is welcoming tech providers and other new law companies to its marketplace. For this initial launch, we are onboarding three companies, but anticipate continuing to add to the group over time. The reason for this change is because the legal industry is maturing and utilising a diversity of service models is now standard.

Over the past couple of years, companies submitted RFPs through our marketplace that ‘NewLaw’ and law/tech companies would be well-suited to address.

We have found at Priori that legal departments don’t go in search of a particular solution, they come to us with a legal challenge. We are excited about this opportunity to introduce our clients to legal tech and law company options and allow them to compare against lawyers and firms. Clients will use our same structured RFP process to request services and will receive new law options, if appropriate, alongside proposals from law firms/attorneys.

Is this a very close working relationship, as with Factor Connect, or more loose?

We anticipate having a close working relationship with Factor for both partnerships. In addition, we carefully vetted all of the companies who are onboarding to our network, and we anticipate having a close relationship with them as we work to respond to client RFPs, connect clients to these companies’ services and gather client feedback.

Thanks Basha, good luck with the newly expanded marketplace.