Product Walk Through – SALI Legal Standards

You have probably heard a lot about the SALI Alliance project to develop a set of standards and a shared taxonomy to describe legal work – which in turn will help law firms, inhouse teams and tech companies to all work off the same page. That should help to drive efficiency and improve data sharing across the industry for the benefit of all.

Now, in this latest AL TV Product Walk Through we get to see the system in action, including the new 2.0 version of SALI’s Legal Matter Standard Specification or LMSS.

Helping us to understand how it works are:

  • Kelly Harbour, Director of Client Relations & Innovation, Goulston & Storrs (and also a founding member of the Changing Legal think tank.)
  • Damien Riehl, Managing Director, Product Workflow at Fastcase
  • Jim Hannigan, Director of Legal Project Management, Coblentz.

We also consider why it’s such an important project and so necessary for the legal world, as well as how people outside the US can get involved – because this is not only about America, but about really trying to form the foundation for something universal.

The whole video, which includes a discussion, is about 30 mins, with the main walk through covering the first 10 minutes. Enjoy.

AL TV Productions, Sept 2021.

Many thanks to Kelly, Jim and Damien for the walk through and the great discussion. If you’d like to contact SALI, one option is to go direct to the organisation via this page.

P.S. Talking of standards, Changing Legal has been busy over the summer and soon will be making public one of its key projects. It will also be launching a new project that will engage with the global legal community.