Product Walk Through: Gavelytics – Litigation Analytics

AL TV’s latest Product Walk Through is Gavelytics, the litigation analytics platform, which has just announced a major upgrade with plenty of new functionality.

Presenting the Walk Through is CEO and Founder, Rick Merrill. The platform is US-focused, but is a good model for what you can do with litigation data wherever you are, (if you can get your hands on the data….). Also, given the number of UK-based and EU law firms with offices in the US, this may have a wider appeal than just for American firms.

Press play to watch inside the page. It’s about 18 mins in total with the main demo running to about 11 mins. Enjoy.

In terms of what it does, here’s a bit more: Gavelytics provides US litigation analytics on judges, law firms, lawyers, and litigants, as well as providing a searchable database of litigation documents and briefs. Currently covering counties in 15 US states, Gavelytics will soon release 12 additional states and coverage of all US Federal District Courts.

‘Gavelytics’s proprietary, AI-powered technology turns raw litigation data into useful information that facilitates litigators’ strategic decision-making and removes guesswork. It analyses tens of millions of litigation documents with machine learning and human lawyer review to provide actionable insights on the behaviours and tendencies of judges, lawyers, law firms and litigants,’ Merrill added.

New Features Include:

  • An API providing direct access to Gavelytics’s litigation analytics and underlying data that can be seamlessly applied into workflows,
  • Additional proprietary judicial analytics to help better assess and understand the judge’s tendencies and fit,
  • Expanded motion practice analytics covering the litigation histories of millions of litigants and hundreds of thousands of lawyers and law firms,
  • Integration of new data sets, including industry categories, so users can track litigation behaviours of banking, automotive, insurance, retail and other industries,
  • The option to get custom dashboards keyed to specific law firms, litigants or jurisdictions, so the most relevant information will always be front and centre….and more.

Thanks to Rick for the Walk Through.