Product Walk Through: Eigen – AI Doc Analysis

You have probably heard the name Eigen Technologies plenty of times over the last few years, but many may have not seen what it is capable of. So, here is a new AL TV Product Walk Through showing Eigen at work – and using just two….yes, two documents, as its training set, to perform a doc analysis.

The idea here is to show Eigen doing what it can with a very small training set in order to put into context what it could achieve with a much larger one. As you will see, the results in this extreme demo test are not perfect – but it shows how the system gauges its own accuracy and then tells you this with complete clarity.

We also test out the ability to ask questions via the Eigen interface and then go and check the answers to show if they got it right. In short, Eigen is being totally transparent about what it can achieve.

The Walk Through is led by Mark Lindberg, Solutions Consultant Manager at Eigen. The first 14 minutes are the demo, and then there’s some Q&A. Press play to watch inside the page.

AL TV Productions, 2021

And here is what you will see:

  • upload of vendor contracts
  • no-code training of the specific extraction models for sub-sentence information
  • no-code training of the specific extraction models for sectional information
  • no-code configuration of the interpretation layer
  • upload of additional documents
  • run extraction
  • remediation of ‘low-confidence answers’
  • export

Plus, here is what Eigen would like you to know about itself.

‘Eigen is an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) company that enables its clients to quickly and precisely extract answers from their documents, so they can better manage risk, scale operations, automate processes and navigate dynamic regulatory environments.

Eigen’s customizable natural language processing platform uses machine learning to automate the extraction of answers from documents and can be applied to a wide variety of use cases. It understands context and delivers better accuracy on far fewer training documents, while protecting the security of clients’ data.

Our clients include some of the best-known and respected names in finance, insurance, law and professional services, including Goldman Sachs, ING, BlackRock and Allen & Overy. 40% of all G-SIBs use Eigen to overcome their document and data challenges.’

About Eigen’s technology

‘Eigen’s platform allows clients to extract any type of information they deem valuable from text-based documents. There are no restrictions based on pre-trained models or pre-set fields.

Eigen learns from small training data sets (2-50 documents) and works across a wide variety of document types, enabling clients to get started and scale usage quickly.

Eigen enables non-technical users to link data points together and answer complex questions quickly.’

So, there you go. Check out the video and see how it compares to what you have seen from other providers.

Thanks to Mark, and Tom, for the Walk Through.