American Legal Tech Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the American Legal Technology Awards have been announced and they include InCloudCounsel – now called Ontra, UniCourt, and ClearBrief.

Co-founder of the awards, Tom Martin, said in a statement: ‘We stay committed to honouring those making a difference in accordance with our mission to hold up examples of excellence in creative innovation and technology in the legal industry for the purposes of (1) expanding our understanding of what is possible, (2) encouraging a virtuous cycle of improvement, and (3) creating a more just society.

‘Many thanks to all of our judges – true leaders in the legal industry – for volunteering their time to recognise upcoming talent. Their efforts are essential.’

Here are the winners and runners-up in full:

In total, the awards received 184 nominations across the eight categories. The judges were:

Janine Sickmeyer, Miguel Willis, Shannon Salter, Nick Rishwain, Maya Markovich, Gabriela Cubeiro, Sam Glover, Yvonne Nath, Jean Clauson, Dan Lear, Tiffany Graves, Colin Levy, Irene Mo, Ed Walters, Daniel Rodriguez, Natalie Anne Knowlton, Amanda Brown, Quinten Steenhuis, Felicity Conrad, Alex Su, Nicole Morris, Scott Schlegel, Dorna Moini, and Bahar Ansari.

There will be more information about each of the winners via a series of videos, which will appear from today onwards. Check the awards website for more information.

Access to Justice – November 1

Court Tuesday – November 2

Enterprise  – November 3

Individual – November 4

Law Department – November 5

Law Firm – November 8

Startup – November 9

Technology – November 10

Main photo: Ariadna Godreau-Aubert, Co-founder and executive director of Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico – Access to Justice.