ELTA + Theorem Marketplace Partner Together

The European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) is partnering with marketplace and onboarding platform Theorem to provide ‘shared vendor intelligence and click-to-launch legal tech test drives’ for its members.

Or simply put: you can browse the legal tech products on offer and then give them a try. Vendors will get a chance to sell to an audience of European buyers, and the ELTA members will get a chance to look at a range of legal tech solutions all in one place that is hopefully suited to their needs.

Holger Zscheyge, President of ELTA, said: ‘A platform like Theorem, where the leading software solutions are on one easily navigable platform and users can share their experiences, is the perfect fit for us.’

He continued: ‘One of the projects the board of ELTA announced earlier this year was the development of a directory of legal tech solutions. With Theorem we can go a huge step further.

‘Members not only can find and compare available solutions, but they can also test drive them and manage their full technology stack on one single platform. It has long been our mission to enable greater transparency and collaboration among our members regarding their legal tech initiatives and the available solutions in our region. Theorem’s platform will help us to realise this vision.’

The move is part of Theorem’s wider strategy to engage with organisations and associations, which is called ‘Networks’.

Using this approach groups can build their very own branded legal tech marketplace for their organisation’s members to use.

Networks admins can also tailor content based on the group’s region or focus, such as by role or practice group. They can offer special deals and test drives from participating vendors, and enable shared reviews and user stories. The platform also has fully integrated payments and monetisation tools, they added.

Another group that is using the Networks system is ALITA (Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Tech Association).

Joshua Maley, US-based CEO of Theorem, concluded: ‘We’re extremely excited to welcome ELTA, and continue to support the launch of legal networks across the globe, all collaborating on a single platform.’