oneNDA Partners With Onit’s AXDRAFT

oneNDA, the contract standardisation project, has partnered with AXDRAFT, which is part of Onit, to provide customers with a joined up NDA production process. AXDRAFT, which focuses on the contract lifecycle and document automation, is connecting oneNDA to its QuickDocs capability.

As the companies explained: ‘AXDRAFT QuickDocs is a self-service document automation platform that allows you to go from 30 minutes on average to 0 minutes spent on drafting and signing simple contracts such as NDAs. The platform fully eliminates the need for lawyers to step into the workflow, and guarantees that your legal team receives 100% compliant, perfectly structured, and branded legal documents.’

AXDRAFT also enables a company to keep track of these actions and store all its NDAs in one place.

This would be especially handy in use cases where staff will need to use a legal team approved NDA when dealing with a third party, but where it would not be cost effective to have to draft a bespoke document.

And here’s a simple overview of how it works:

Artificial Lawyer asked Electra Japonas, co-founder of oneNDA, about the partnership:

Why Onit? And will you do the same with other companies?

As part of the oneNDA initiative, we had the opportunity to engage with most vendors in the legal tech market. We found that the solution offered by QuickDocs (which is a part of AXDRAFT, a broader CLM solution) was completely aligned with how we envisaged oneNDA being automated, so we partnered with them.

Plus Yuriy Zaremba, co-founder of AXDRAFT is a really decent guy who shares our values and ethos.

This is not exclusive, and if the opportunity arises, we are very open to collaborating with other tech vendors in the future.

– Is this just for the NDA aspect of oneNDA?

At this point yes, although QuickDocs can support future iterations of both oneNDA and any other projects we set out to deliver.

– How are the other oneNDA modules coming along? [N.B. The project plans to develop other standard document types.]

Very well! We are now at the drafting stage, so the SteerCo is busy pulling together the wording for the ‘modules’.

We’re also taking this opportunity to incorporate some of the wider feedback we’ve had on oneNDA via our community page so keep an eye out for a new and improved oneNDA early next year!

All in all, this looks to be a very positive step, and combines standardisation with what will hopefully be an easy to use workflow. Hmmm….standardisation and smooth digital workflows, is that the future arriving?

P.S. and for anyone who may not know what oneNDA is, here are some key points: