Global Legal Hackathon Gears Up For 2022

The Global Legal Hackathon (GLH), the world’s most international legal innovation event, is opening for registrations for those who would like to be part of the 2022 competition, which will take place March 25-27 across multiple locations.

As in previous years, the GLH hopes to see ‘thousands of legal professionals, software developers, designers, and businesses come together for one purpose: rapid development of solutions to improve the legal industry’.

The organisation, headed by David Fisher, the founder of Integra Ledger, added that it expected as many as 100 host cities and 10,000 participants from around the globe to take part in the hackathon next year.

They added that a major upgrade to the 2022 GLH event is a new, online technology platform that enables and supports both in-person and virtual participation. ‘This is essential to accommodate the different regulations and requirements in each country that may still limit in-person gatherings,’ they said.

Starting on Friday evening, March 25th, and continuing until Sunday evening, teams will develop new technology solutions to business of law and access to justice problems, and compete to be selected as winners in their respective cities and progress to the global semi-finals.

Finalists will then be invited to the Global Legal Hackathon Final Round & Gala (Covid regulations permitting) to take place in London later in 2022.

Also new for GLH2022 is an option for participants to register and login using a blockchain-based GLH Private Key. This will ‘allow participants to hold their login credentials with maximum privacy and security’, they added.

Kearra Markowich, executive director of the Global Legal Hackathon, said: ‘The global pandemic forced the legal industry to rapidly innovate and evolve, and the Global Legal Hackathon was no exception. We are very proud of our new technology platform, developed specifically for this global event, that will allow more innovators and more teams from around the world to participate in GLH2022, regardless of whether or not they are participating in person, or virtually.’

The European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) will be a launch supporter of GLH2022. Holger Zscheyge, president of ELTA, added: ‘The GLH truly sparks interest in legal technology, and this is very much aligned with our goals.’

If this sounds of interest you can register as a GLH2022 host or participant here.