Agiloft Partners With Tata Consultancy Services

CLM provider Agiloft has announced a partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The goal is to help enterprises ‘accelerate the automation of complex contracting processes’. It’s another example of legal tech companies formally joining forces with service providers. Most recently we saw Deloitte and Thomson Reuters form an alliance, and earlier this year KPMG allied with rival CLM company SirionLabs.

Although Tata is probably most well-known for its trucks and cars, TCS is a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions group. It will be helping companies with ‘building on or transitioning to electronic document management, and digital automation of their contract and commercial workflows’ in conjunction with Agiloft.

TCS joins a growing list of Agiloft partners, both for tech and services – as well as for reselling, (see below).

It’s not an Earth-shattering move, but as noted, it is part of a wider trend toward tech companies pairing up with service providers, especially when it comes to addressing inhouse needs, such as in relation to software implementation and legal ops input, especially around contract work.

Elisabeth Bykoff, VP of Agiloft’s Global Alliances, said: ‘TCS is an excellent addition to our network of partners. Their level of experience with large scale and highly complex projects will help ensure client success, while their global scale of skilled professionals will help enable Agiloft to continue its aggressive growth and empower more customers with our CLM platform. Agiloft is fully committed to customer success and satisfaction, and we are confident that TCS will be a key partner in achieving results and value to help us fulfil that commitment.’

Akhilesh Tiwari, VP and Global Head of Enterprise Application Services at TCS, added: ‘Paired with wide-reaching industry expertise, our deep technical knowledge, and global capability, this partnership will enable us to help clients transform their contracting processes faster with automation and greater agility. With its robust AI capabilities and configurability, Agiloft offers a clear path to a powerful and cost-effective business solution.’