Google’s Gradient Fund Invests in Legal OS No-Code Platform

Google’s innovation fund, Gradient Ventures, has co-led a $7m investment into Legal OS, the Germany-based no-code legal automation platform. The company plans to use the new capital to expand globally.

Gradient has also previously invested in Danish legal tech startup, Contractbook. 10x Capital, along with existing investors HV Ventures and SpeedInvest, also took part in the Legal OS funding.

Google is also working hand in hand with CLM company Ironclad in relation to its Doc AI NLP software. And, Google’s Black Founders Fund has also awarded grants to Definely and Robin AI. All in all, this shows a growing interest in legal tech from one of the world’s largest tech corporations.

But, what does Legal OS do? The company explains it this way: ‘Our no-code platform enables your team to rapidly turn your expert knowledge into digital knowledge graphs. No coding skills are required, only your expertise.

‘These graphs can later be used to build legal service products, generate documents, embed compliance, or automate processes through the open source Legal OS automation platform. Our own world-class team of Legal Engineers can support the creation of knowledge graphs, where required.’

‘[With this you can] automate the execution of your legal decisions, draft documents, execute complex legal calculations, manage contract and client data, and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on an easy to use platform, purpose built for complex legal work.’

So, there you go.

Commenting on where the company is heading, Lilian Breidenbach, co-founder and CEO of Legal OS, said: ‘In 2021, we introduced our suite of automation tools to allow legal teams to automate the generation of their own templates, but [to also be] specific to the deal of the moment.’

‘We want to create a world in which legal professionals without engineering experience or capabilities can model complex rules, automate tasks, and generate documents in minutes rather than days. This will allow legal teams to focus on complex problems rather than being mired in repetitive copy and paste tasks.’

And this is what Darian Shirazi, General Partner at Google’s Gradient Ventures, had to say: ‘We’re excited to partner with the Legal OS team as they build world-class automation tools for legal teams. Legal documents mostly contain generally accepted provisions and in the future, Legal OS will allow legal teams to skip over settled law and focus on deal points that really matter to clients.’

The Legal OS platform is used by law firms and corporations in the DACH region, the UK, and Canada. It was founded in 2018 by Charlotte Kufus, Breidenbach, and Jake Jones (pictured above, L to R).