BRYTER Looks to RPA Group To Help Build Client Workflows

BRYTER, the no-code automation platform, has formed a partnership with Accelance, an RPA-focused consulting firm with offices in the US and India. It will help to build workflows for BRYTER’s clients.

Michael Grupp, CEO of BRYTER, told Artificial Lawyer: ‘Accelance are offering consulting on top of the platform, which mostly means building end-to-end applications for customers. So customers can receive an out-of-the-box product for an existing problem, for example an ESG Reporting Suite. 

‘We supply the tech platform, they use it to pre-build solutions and even customize them based on their and our clients’ needs. [But] they are not really focusing on the implementation, as there is usually not much technical implementation necessary.’

It’s part of a wider trend for tech vendors to team up with consultancies to support project delivery.

It’s not a massive move, but should help BRYTER to further leverage its tech offering and work with more clients globally without having to hire in big teams of their own to build bespoke workflows for clients.

Himanshu Goil, Managing Partner and Chief Technology Officer at Accelance, added in a statement: ‘We see BRYTER as a perfect addition to our existing custom application development capabilities.’