Product Exploration: Exigent – The Mind Factory

Exigent is an ALSP that has developed its own legal tech product suite. In this extended AL TV Product Exploration we hear from David Holme, Founder and Executive Chairman, and Rico Burnett, Global Director of Client Innovation, about what they have built.

We look at some of the key aspects of what these tools offer and explore Exigent’s approach to solving client problems. Here’s a short synopsis of some of the tools developed by their Mind Factory team, and which appear in the video:

  • Scarlett Search: powerful search tool that accelerates due diligence, compliance and document review
  • Scarlett AI: automates contract data capture at scale by extracting relevant and accurate data
  • Exigent CMS: AI-powered contract management system that allows users to manage obligations and identify actionable insights
  • Exigent Spend Management: provides data-driven insights into legal spend ROI and billing compliance
  • Kalypto: clause comparison tool.

Please press play to watch inside the page. There is an introduction, a short explainer video, and then a broader discussion about Exigent and its offering.

AL TV Productions. Recorded Dec 2021.

[ Artificial Lawyer is proud to bring you this sponsored AL TV Product Exploration with Exigent. ]