No-Code Automation System Josef Launches in US as Global Plans Unfold

No-code automation system Josef has launched in the US. The move by the Australian legal tech startup comes after recently launching in the UK and as the demand for this type of approach increases globally.

The company helps lawyers to automate tasks with no-code software such as ‘lawyer-client interactions, sending emails, generating legal documents, and providing legal guidance and advice’.

Customer Success Manager, Jake Brown, who previously worked for Kira Systems, will lead the US team. The move follows last year’s Seed funding round, which featured US investors The LegalTech Fund, and brought Josef’s inbound capital to $3.5m. The company added that they now plan to make another raise mid-year to help grow the business globally.

The company was founded by lawyers Tom Dreyfus and Sam Flynn, and engineer Kirill Kliavin, with ‘a mission of transforming the way legal services are delivered’.

Josef CEO, Tom Dreyfus, commented: ‘Since my time studying at Columbia Law School, I have had a deep respect for both the legal system and the legal industry in the United States. Josef has always been a global company, and we’ve been fortunate to attract US customers from day one. We are excited to expand our capacity in the US to better support and drive our product’s success and our partnerships with our clients.

‘Looking to the future, we see endless possibilities to grow our offering and our relationships that we have already created with some of the leading law firms throughout the United States. We are confident that we will be able to improve our technology and our offerings to better streamline the work of attorneys across the globe.’

And Josef co-founder, Sam Flynn, concluded:‘Our focus has always been on transforming the way legal services are delivered, and making them more accessible for all. Our global expansion has always been a key part of that mission. Josef is already in use by global firms and clients, with many located in the United States, and we are committed to growing our value and delivering the best of our platform to attorneys throughout the US.’

The company added that clients already include Clifford Chance and US firm Arent Fox.

(Pic credit: main photo, RT, view of Manhattan from Brooklyn.)