The Human Element of the Virtual Office

By Tom Dunlop, CEO, Summize.

The thought of buying a gadget or utilizing new technology used to be exciting. Think about when you got your first mobile phone – it was fun! Even trying out the latest software was a big deal.

With the rise of the virtual office, we’ve seen more and more legal teams adopt new technology. Additionally, you can take your business to new geographical areas without the need for physical relocation.

Approximately 61% of B2B sellers offer products or services via video conference over in-person selling – an increase from around 42% pre-COVID. While technology has brought us all closer with the rise in collaboration tools such as Teams and Slack, also providing the instantaneous benefit of video calling and screen sharing, how important is the physical connection in the post-pandemic world?

Using tech in business

B2B buyers spend just 17% of the buying cycle time meeting with potential suppliers – the rest of the time is spent researching and meeting with their buying group.

By comparison, 80% of businesses around the world use at least one SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. With that significant figure in mind, can we really be surprised that more people than ever are now experiencing ‘tech fatigue?

Since the pandemic, this phenomenon has spread dramatically as companies adopted technology to continue trading. Video calls and virtual meetings are now the norm, and team collaboration platforms are commonplace. But with our whole lives dominated by technology, receiving Zoom invites began to fill many of us with dread. Opting for a virtual office is about more than just convenience; it’s also about making a wise business decision.

In fact, it has been shown that in-person meetings are still incredibly important. They create stronger relationships between colleagues, and they improve communication and attention. Although tech is seen as a purely digital approach, perhaps it shouldn’t be. Like the hybrid approach to office working, now championed as a favoured approach for most businesses, the same approach could be argued for the evaluation and sales process when purchasing new tech.

Are you ready to get back to in-person networking and interactive experiences?

Bringing the Human Connection into Tech – Tech Play Day, London

80% of professionals find networking essential  to their career success, almost 100% believe that face-to-face meetings build stronger long-term relationships, and 41% want to network more often.

Summize wants to bring the fun, and the personal touch, back into tech, by hosting an event with a difference. That’s why, on May 17th, 2022, Summize will be welcoming in-house and private practice legal professionals to Tech Play Day in London. This year, Tech Play Day will be bigger and better than ever, after a hugely successful launch in Manchester in 2021.

The event will be kicking off at 10.30am in the Crypt on the Green, London, bringing together legal teams and tech vendors in person. It’s a unique day, designed to let users interact with the software and compete in some gamified challenges. Forget a boring Zoom demo, the Tech Play Day even has some fantastic prizes up for grabs (did someone say Oculus VR Headset…?).

Tech Play Day wouldn’t be complete without some fantastic speakers. The star-studded panel session includes Electra Japonas, Sahar Farooqi, Ben Weinberger, Joel Cohen, and Robyn Sandilands. All chaired by Richard Tromans of Artificial Lawyer. We also have a keynote speech from Cavan Fabris from Deloitte.

Vendors planning to get hands-on in showing off the latest developments with their software include: Summize, Claustack, Crysp, Tabled, RubyDatum and Akoni. Register today for your FREE TICKET.

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