Webinar: The True Scale of Burnout in the Legal Profession

By Legatics.

As a group of professionals and former lawyers, the Legatics team knows what it takes to work on transaction management: the long hours, tedious admin tasks, and feeling distanced from the interesting and engaging side of the job.

That’s why Legatics was founded: we are here to help alleviate the burden of low-level work and overwork that plagues many lawyers, particularly junior transactional lawyers.

We know from our own experience that the job doesn’t always match up to what we imagined when we were studying law, such as hoping to make a difference in people’s lives and feeling fulfilled by our work.

That’s why we partnered with YouGov to conduct research into the true scale of burnout in the legal industry. To unpack the findings of this landmark research project and to explore solutions, we are excited to host a new Legatics webinar at 9:30 am (BST) on Thursday, May 26 – ‘The True Scale of Burnout in the Legal Profession‘.

The webinar will feature: Anthony Seale, CEO of Legatics; Ryan Turner, Head of Product at Legatics; and special guest speakers: Chrissie Wolfe (Law & Broader); and Lucy Shurwood (Pinsent Masons), to discuss the findings of our original research into the challenges facing the legal profession. Richard Tromans, Founder of Artificial Lawyer, will chair the panel.

Commenting on this subject, Seale said: ‘When I started work as a lawyer I expected to be conducting legal analyses and understanding the commercial motives for a transaction – things that excited me at law school – but the reality for a junior lawyer was that there was a huge amount of administrative work, and I was using very little of my technical skills.

‘We can still see from the headlines about the ‘Great Resignation’ that there is a particular problem in the legal profession. So, to see just where our fellow lawyers stand, in addition to sharing our own personal experiences, we decided to commission research from YouGov to add some real numbers to our understanding of the problems we’ve faced – such as overtime, lack of recognition, and mental health challenges, which all tend to culminate in burnout or even leaving the profession.’

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About the speakers:

Chrissie Wolfe is a multi-award-winning solicitor, entrepreneur, careers coach and business consultant. She is also the founder of Law and Broader, and works as a self-employed freelance consultant to legal businesses, and is a social media influencer.

Lucy Shurwood is a partner for Pinsent Masons LLP. Part of Lucy’s role is focusing on innovation and service delivery for clients, including the development of technology solutions for legal services. Pinsent Masons is one of the founders of the Mindful Business Charter, Re-humanising the Workplace – a practical framework which aims to combat stress and burnout.

Anthony Seale is the CEO of Legatics. He was a Project Finance lawyer with a previous background in satellite data analysis and used these skills to bring together the software and legal worlds in order to create a better way of managing legal transactions.

Ryan Turner is the Head of Product at Legatics. He has 6 years of experience as a corporate lawyer.  He is now applying that experience to build software that solves common problems for lawyers.

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