The Optimised Lawyer: Electra Japonas Meets WorldCC’s Sally Guyer

In this latest episode of ‘The Optimised Lawyer’ podcast by Electra Japonas, CEO and founder of The Law Boutique and co-founder of Claustack, and shared here on Artificial Lawyer, we hear from Sally Guyer, Global CEO of World Commerce & Contracting (WorldCC), the contract standards organisation.  

Electra and Sally explore the way we make contracts today and also discuss: the multitude of stakeholders in contracting processes; the value of relationships; and the importance of coming together to drive improvements in contracting and making them better tools for business.

Sally Guyer, CEO WorldCC.
A Law Boutique Production, 2022.

Please press play to listen. Many thanks to Electra for sharing this podcast, which was first published by The Law Boutique.

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