Product Walk Through: Henchman – Contract Drafting System

This week’s AL TV Product Walk Through is all about Henchman, a Microsoft Word add-in that helps legal professionals draft and negotiate contracts faster by automatically retrieving previously written clauses from their contract repository.

The company explained that ‘Henchman connects to the legal team’s database and processes all clauses and definitions automatically – no manual action is required. It allows its users to do three things:

– snipe for specific clauses,

– browse for inspiration,

– review for variations.

‘Ultimately, Henchman users gain time, achieve greater consistency in the overall quality of their contracts, and are able to rely on the collective knowledge of their team. The technology is also system and language agnostic (meaning it can be connected to any database) and requires no setup or maintenance.’

The 15-minute AL TV Product Walk Through with Benjamin Adams, Account Executive at Henchman, provides a detailed exploration of what the system can do, followed by a short Q&A.

Press play to watch inside the page.

AL TV Productions, June 2022.

You can also click here for a personal demo, or watch their Avery Law customer case study here.

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