LawtechUK Invites Applications to Regulatory + Mentoring Programmes

UK Government-backed LawtechUK, which is supported by Tech Nation and the Ministry of Justice, is looking for legal tech founders to join two new programmes, one focused on overcoming regulatory hurdles, the other is a mentorship project.

Applications are open until Sunday 10th July – so get your skates on! (P.S. you have to be based in the UK.) The initiatives have grown out of LawtechUK’s Sandbox work.

Here’s what they are offering:

Expert Mentoring – in collaboration with Barclays Eagle Labs, is a ‘targeted mentoring programme designed to fast-track transformative products and services looking to address the legal needs of businesses and society’.

‘Legal tech founders will receive dedicated 1-to-1 support from a carefully matched expert mentor from LawtechUK’s rich network of law firms, businesses, investors and public bodies,’ they said.

And then there is this:

Regulatory Pathfinding – delivered by LawtechUK’s Regulatory Response Unit, it is open to any organisation that needs regulatory guidance for its legal tech initiatives.

‘The programme focuses on helping people navigate the regulatory environment by identifying which regulator they need to speak with, addressing challenges that cross UK jurisdictions or regulatory regimes, understanding the challenges, and getting their questions answered fast’, they added.

Now, the benefits of mentorship are self-evident, but the regulatory one also matters, especially for any legal tech company that is getting into the complex grey area where what they provide perhaps borders on ‘giving legal advice’ or taking responsibility for how legal decisions are made.

This grey area generally appears among consumer/SME-focused tools, without a regulated lawyer as the intermediary. I.e. where, for example, you may go to an expert system to ask for input on standard legal needs.

LawtechUK Sandbox Lead, Jack Cane, said: ‘The UK is a rich hub for activity in lawtech, and this year we want to support far more lawtech pioneers than previously possible. In doing so, we can reimagine what is achievable and improve the speed, cost, and efficiency of the legal experience for all.’

If you’d like to get involved check out the details here.