BRYTER Lends a No-Code Hand to Help Ukrainian Refugees

United for Ukraine (UfU), an NGO providing information and assistance for those displaced by the war in Ukraine, and BRYTER, the no-code automation platform, have teamed up to help refugees. These efforts are supported by the International Rescue Foundation and Google.

The UN has found that more than 14 million people have fled their homes since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with 6.7 million refugees now in neighbouring countries. The demand for safe housing, humanitarian support, and legal advice has been rising day by day, the group added. Moreover, the war is very far from over, as the daily news reports from the front line show us all.

Areas where UfU helps.

Polina Lehman, founding member of the UfU and Legal Lead, said: ‘To provide Ukrainians with legal aid, we were able to obtain support from 200 lawyers just by the third day of the Russian war against Ukraine. Now, we are cooperating with international law firms, boutique law firms, refugee law clinics, and NGOs from Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and Asia, to provide information regarding immigration, education, healthcare, employment, etc., and process individual requests.’

BRYTER is providing UFU’s legal team with the necessary no-code tools to build digital applications. Thousands of requests have been processed since March 2022 via UFU’s Emergency Relief platform, the Germany-based company said.

They added that the ‘greatest challenge for the UfU has become responding to the high volume of requests while taking into account the workloads and law specializations of legal officers’.

On average, the UFU receives more than 100 requests per day pertaining to legal assistance over personal issues and support of businesses and startups.

‘With BRYTER we could design a solid tool to process increasing amounts of requests and manage workflows with our legal partners on a completely different level,’ added Olga Hamama, co-founder and co-chairwoman of UfU.

‘We’re committed to supporting the right to legal access, and it has been incredibly rewarding to partner with the United for Ukraine Association to create a tool to help the victims of this war and support Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom,’ concluded Jakub Makowski, BRYTER Open Program Manager.