Wilson Sonsini-Backed SixFifty Launches US Privacy Tool for Complex Landscape

SixFifty, the Utah-based legal tech developer which is backed by Wilson Sonsini, has launched an automated tool for US data privacy law compliance, in what is a complex collection of different regulatory regimes across America. It will cover California, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, and Connecticut for now, as they have all passed data privacy regulations in the past five years. Several other US states are expected to pass similar laws soon, they added.

As to what it will do, the solution ‘can create a single set of customised compliance documents that cover the requirements of each individual law. The documents include a company privacy policy and website privacy notice’.  

It contains four parts:

  • First, companies can take a free automated assessment to determine which data privacy laws they must comply with.
  • Second, companies can generate one set of privacy compliance documents that account for the laws that are applicable to the business.
  • Third, SixFifty’s document library allows companies to draft compliance paperwork that are specific to any one data privacy law in the US.
  • Fourth, SixFifty tracks the law in each state and updates the compliance paperwork accordingly. Companies receive periodic updates about those changes so they are aware of when they need to refresh their documents.
A screenshot of the tool.

Kimball Dean Parker, CEO of SixFifty, told Artificial Lawyer: ‘California was the first state to pass a data privacy law in 2018. Now, four more states have passed laws that will take effect in the next 18 months: Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Connecticut. And even more states are on the horizon. The tricky part is that these laws don’t always mesh well.

‘To help, we automated compliance documents for each new law and we automated one set of compliance documents that covers the requirements of every data privacy regulation in the US. With this tool, companies can generate one internal privacy policy and one website privacy notice that covers them across the country – instead of drafting five different policies and website notices covering each state individually, as we’ve seen companies do. We will update the documents as laws evolve and new states pass data privacy regulations.’

Ryan Parker, Chief Legal Product Officer at SixFifty, added in a statement: ‘With five states having passed data privacy laws already, the task of drafting and updating compliance paperwork is overwhelming and expensive. With SixFifty, companies can generate the compliance documents they need and keep them up to date at a cost they can afford.’

In addition to covering US data privacy laws, SixFifty also has automated products covering the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) in China.