Government Gives LawtechUK £4m To Continue Its Work

LawtechUK, the taxpayer-funded legal tech organisation, has been given £4m by the British Government so that it can continue its work. The move comes as Alexandra Lennox takes over as Director, following the departure of Jenifer Swallow.

The Ministry of Justice – the department through which the taxpayer funds are being funnelled for this project – said that this would enable ‘a second phase of the LawtechUK programme’.

The move follows an initial £2m funding for the group, which started in 2019.

Justice Minister, Lord Bellamy QC, said: ‘A thriving lawtech sector will help ensure the UK continues as a world-leading legal services centre and attracts the very best talent.

‘This investment will support the market to develop the technology it needs to drive modernisation and deliver first-class legal services.’

The LawtechUK programme has been delivered by growth platform Tech Nation – which is also Government-backed.

As noted before, the UK and Singapore are two of just a handful of countries where the government directly funds legal tech projects.

New Director of LawtechUK, Lennox (pictured), concluded: ‘Technology has the potential to transform business’ and peoples’ experience of law, meet unmet legal needs and support professionals to deliver the next generation of legal services.

‘We have seen great progress towards this future since LawtechUK’s inception and this next phase of funding will build on those important foundations, helping cement the UK’s position as a global hub for technology and law.’