Blockchain, Web3 + Lex DAO – With Nick Rishwain

The blockchain world is evolving and an increasing number of people believe it will have a major impact on the legal sector. To find out some more Artificial Lawyer spoke to distributed ledger aficionado, Nick Rishwain, about all things blockchain in this special AL TV episode.

Rishwain, who created LegalTechLive and is a VP at, the expert witness platform, is also part of the Lex DAO blockchain group. We explore in this video:

  • What is blockchain all about and what are its main benefits?
  • Web3 sounds cool, but is it a real thing yet and what’s happening there?
  • What are NFTs and how do they apply to the legal world?
  • Where do cryptocurrencies fit – or maybe not – into all of this?
  • What is the Lex DAO, and in fact what even is a DAO?
  • And also how can people in the legal sector approach this ever-developing field?

Please press play to watch the video inside the page. Enjoy!

AL TV Productions, August 2022.

Thanks to Nick for sharing his time and his insights for this special AL TV video.