Litify + Deloitte Announce Strategic Alliance For Legal Ops

Litify, an ‘end-to-end legal operating platform’ has formed a strategic alliance with Deloitte, one of several legal tech link-ups that a number of the Big Four have done in recent years.

The company said: ‘Through the alliance, Litify and Deloitte’s shared clients will be able to take advantage of enhanced management, visibility and predictability in how legal services are managed and delivered via a single platform, including matter management, e-billing, customer relationship management (CRM), case management, document management, legal service request, document generation and other initiatives.’

Artificial Lawyer asked them some more about the deal, hearing from Terry Dohrmann, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Litify; and Brian Karney, a Deloitte Legal Business Services Managing Director, Deloitte Transaction and Business Analytics.

Is the alliance between Litify/Deloitte exclusive? I.e., no other companies offering something similar will work with Deloitte?

KARNEY: While the alliance is not exclusive, Deloitte is the only Big Four firm to have an alliance relationship with Litify.

How does Litify make money from this? 

KARNEY: The new relationship offers Litify direct involvement in Deloitte’s Legal Business Services ecosystem, as well as an even closer relationship with professionals in that practice who have deep experience in legal matter management, legal operations, and Salesforce implementations. Shared Deloitte and Litify clients will have the opportunity to speed time to value and opportunity as a result.

DOHRMANN: We sell the Litify platform to the end users (lawyers and their teams in corporate legal employees, at law firms, government entities, etc.) in the form of licensing which grants access to our product set. We provide the underlying technology layer, matter management, doc management, CRM, workflows/automation and analytics and Deloitte provides the configuration/implementation/change management/consulting services.

Is this also a resale agreement?

KARNEY: Currently, the alliance does not have a reseller component. Shared Deloitte and Litify clients will have access to tools and services that help accelerate their efforts to modernise and digitally transform legal operations – be it through automation, development of new, data-driven insights or other areas.

DOHRMANN: Together, we are working to both optimise for a client’s current needs as well as to build a platform that will evolve as their business changes over the next several decades. This is a collaborative and ongoing effort where Deloitte curates feedback from the client that will have a direct impact on Litify’s product roadmap (key value drivers, features, functions) and, very importantly, improvements needed for complete implementations and adoption of the tools.

How did Litify and Deloitte get to know each other?

KARNEY: In an effort to evaluate the latest offerings in the enterprise legal management (ELM) space, we saw that Litify is a leading ELM vendor built on top of the Salesforce platform which so many organizations already leverage. Deloitte understands Litify’s platform and appreciates its vision bringing further innovation to the legal technology market. 

DOHRMANN: The relationship grew organically from an initial meeting that was fostered through mutual contacts about one year ago. Litify’s need developed for implementation and consulting partners that have robust and deep expertise in the enterprise legal space. Litify’s investments in our ELM product and intentional shift upmarket includes corporate legal, insurance claims litigation teams, AmLaw 200 firms, and government entities. Deloitte’s experience and capabilities with enterprise clients and their desire to assist clients looking to leverage a platform like Litify is a perfect fit for both of us. 

Thanks and good luck with the alliance!