Product Walk Through: Lexis+ UK for Improved Legal Research

Legal research is a field that never sleeps and for LexisNexis that is very much the case. So, here is a sponsored product walk through of the company’s new Lexis+ UK capability that shows how its many features work.

Taking us through what it can do and how it works is Kedar-Aaron Bryan, Customer Success Manager, LexisNexis. The areas covered include:

  • Research Maps
  • Search Term Maps
  • Personalisation options
  • Answer Cards (Asking Questions)
  • Sharing documents
  • And more!

The video is about 15 mins and includes the presentation plus some Q&A at the end. Please press Play to watch inside the page.

AL TV Productions, Oct 2022.

[ Artificial Lawyer is proud to bring you this sponsored AL TV product walk through by LexisNexis. ]