Legal Innovators is on Thursday + Friday – An Event Guide

The Legal Innovators conference starts this Thursday, 10 November, and continues on Friday. We can’t wait to welcome you, but first here are some helpful tips.

Location: The conference is at Etc Venues St Paul’s, 200 Aldersgate Street, Barbican, London EC1A 4HD, the same location as previously and the nearest landmark is the Museum of London.

Timings: The doors will open at 8AM and there will be breakfast served both mornings. The main event will begin at 9.30AM. There will be coffee breaks, lunch and then evening drinks.

Getting there: As you know, there is a Tube strike on the Thursday – but not on Friday. Although such occurrences rarely close the whole underground network, it’s advisable to plan ahead and look at other public and personal modes of transport.

You will very likely find that you can get to within a short walking distance of the venue by other means, so we suggest you leave a little earlier just to make sure you can arrive on time. Here are some other modes of transport:

Elizabeth Line and DLR – the new Elizabeth line is running and has station stops at Farringdon and Liverpool Street Station. It is a 9 minute walk from Farringdon to the venue, for example. The DLR is also running, although check the schedule that day. From Bank to the venue it is a 12 minute walk.

Rail – the Overground and main rail services are running and you will be able to get to stations nearby, such as Liverpool Street, City Thameslink, Moorgate, Cannon Street and others and then walk from there.

Taxi – Companies such as Addison Lee and Free Now, among others can be booked in advance – check out their apps. There is also Uber and Bolt, among others, that can be used – although make sure to leave early in case there is a surge in demand. Also, your law firm or company may have an arrangement with a taxi service already.

Rented Bikes and Scooters – There are also bikes and scooters available at many locations across London. The venue will also be welcoming those who would like to arrive on their own bike.

Bus – London has a highly developed bus network and you can reach the venue from just about any location in the city. Naturally, travel times may take longer by bus, but if you are able to leave a bit earlier then you should be fine. Buses 344, 40, 63, 521, 25, 17, 8 and 76 all make stops within walking distance of the venue.  

Driving – there is parking in the area, such as NCP London Barbican and Smithfield Car Park. If you are able to carpool on the Thursday that may also help.

And also there is just old-fashioned walking if you live within a comfortable distance on what is expected to be a dry and relatively warm day on Thursday.

Overall, and given all the above modes of transport, everyone should be able to get to the venue as planned.

The Schedule: Day One, Thursday, is focused on law firms and ALSPs; Day Two, Friday, is focused on inhouse and legal ops. Each day will begin with keynotes, followed by panels and standalone presentations. We encourage the audience to get involved and we’ll be making sure there is a mic going around for people to ask questions, especially during the panel sessions.

There will also be special product demonstrations – look out for updates about when and where those will be on the day. And of course there will be the exhibitor areas, which are just after reception and where you will have plenty of time to meet a range of legal tech companies and service providers from across the ecosystem.

Lunch and the evening drinks will be held at the venue. There will also be a quiet room available at certain times for meetings, if you need them. And of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities to network.

And that’s all for now!

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and again on Friday! We have an incredible event for you that celebrates all things legal innovation. We can’t wait to get started! See you there!

Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer and Conference Chair.