The Kim Document Trilogy: Campaign Functionality

In today’s AL TV Product Showcase and the final in the Kim Document Trilogy, CEO Karl Chapman explains the campaign functionality in Kim. Karl gets very excited when he talks about this feature. Firms and in-house teams use this functionality for RFP responses, Information Security Checklists, Client Surveys, Will Questionnaires, and more.

The key to the campaigns is the fact that you can do one-to-many distribution. You can capture information using web forms and store the information in a centralized location for analysis and review.  Another feature of campaigns is the ability to track where you are within a campaign at any time and bulk download the data to a .xls file. And it’s a major time-saver as you can upload the document once and use it multiple times, the company noted.

This builds upon the first two videos of the trilogy, which show how Kim Document takes your existing documents and turns them into applications. Whether those documents are letters, forms, records, checklists, compliance documents or contracts, it’s very easy to take your existing documents and make them work for you, the company explained. Once you have created your documents, there are multiple ways that you can then collaborate, both internally and externally.

So now here is the video that covers campaigns. Just press play to watch inside the page. It’s about 10 mins with some Q&A at the end.

AL TV Productions, Dec 2022.

[ Artificial Lawyer is proud to bring you this sponsored product showcase with Kim Document. ]