Product Walk Through: FleetAI, Dentons’ Gen AI Platform

Dentons’ fleetAI is a good example of what is happening with generative AI in the legal sector. Moreover, it will soon be licensed out to the global firm’s clients. In this Product Walk Through, Head of Innovation, Joe Cohen, shows its features such as summary, doc analysis and clause generation, then with Artificial Lawyer’s Richard Tromans explores how it will be used in the future and what it can and cannot do at present.

As Joe explains, fleetAI is easily the firm’s most successful legal tech product in terms of rapid adoption, with hundreds of lawyers making use of it already. The generative AI platform was developed with the consultancy.

There’s plenty in this video, but if you just want to watch the main demo then make sure to see the first fifteen minutes, this is followed by an in-depth look at what is possible and how.

Press play to watch the video:

AL TV Productions, Oct 2023.

In terms of what we look at, here are a few key points:

  • Uploading a document, in this case a list of amendments to the EU Parliament’s AI Act, and then performing a series of tasks, including asking pertinent questions – and requesting what questions the LLM would ask.
  • Will the use of this technology change how work is billed to clients, and perhaps even reduce the cost of certain types of work?
  • We explore what else can be done, for example can you take a template and add to it with fleetAI?
  • Plus, when people talk about ‘training data’ for an LLM, what does this actually mean?
  • We also look at how Dentons is planning to add a lease report capability.
  • Other topics include: use of system prompts; what information is kept or not kept; and what data is the LLM using.
  • Joe also talks about ‘chunking’ and the issue of ‘troughing’ where the LLM is less thorough in the middle of large documents, hence the need to break very long uploads into smaller chunks.
  • Then there are some of the things it can and cannot do well, e.g. asking for predictions in relation to an uploaded document is not the best use case.
  • And, how and when this will be integrated into Dentons’ own KM system and the challenges of connecting to client data.
  • And there’s plenty more discussed, such as how Dentons lawyers remain the ultimate person in charge of the outputs and fleetAI is not liable in itself.

Last word: one could look at this and say: ‘This is mainly GPT4 at work with specially customised system prompts and a new, secure interface for Dentons’ lawyers and staff’, and that’s a fair comment at this stage. However, it’s really early days and as Joe explains, much more is planned, e.g. lease reports functionality. For Artificial Lawyer the key thing is that a major law firm has brought LLM technology into the heart of the business and is making real use of it and getting positive results. From here many more things will grow and we have to remind ourselves this tech was only even considered an option for most lawyers less than a year ago. In that context then this is an important step.

If your law firm has also developed an LLM-related tool and you’re coming along to the Legal Innovators conferences in London (this November 8 + 9) or in California (June next year), then let me know and Artificial Lawyer can also do a Product Walk Through with you.

Legal Innovators UK Conference – November 8 + 9 – London

The Legal Innovators UK conference, where Joe Cohen at Dentons and many other great speaker are attending, will take place on 8 + 9 November. Day One: law firms and ALSPs, Day Two: inhouse and legal ops. 

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The two-day event comes at a time of significant change for the legal market and we will be bringing you engaging panels and presentations where leading experts really dig into the issues of the day, from generative AI, to the evolution of ALSPs, to law firm innovation teams in this new era for legal tech, to how empowered legal ops groups and pioneering GCs are making a real impact.

See you there!

Richard Tromans, Founder of Artificial Lawyer and Conference Chair.