Generative AI at the Legal Innovators Conference, Nov 8 + 9

Probably every speaker and audience member at the Legal Innovators conference in London, on Nov 8 + 9, will have a view on generative AI, but here are a few companies and individuals you especially might be interested in listening to on the subject given their work in this area and who will be on stage during the event.

LexisNexis – the well-known home of legal research and a provider of a multitude of other legal tech offerings. It has now added generative AI capabilities to its legal research platform.

Disco – the pioneering eDiscovery company, which also has announced Cecilia an LLM-connected chatbot.

Robin AI – the UK-based company that has worked with Anthropic to provide generative AI document review and drafting capabilities, hand-in-hand with a team of human legal experts. (And was even recently name-checked by the British Prime Minister for its work in the genAI field!)

Litera – the major legal tech group offering a wide range of solutions, from drafting, to doc review, to workflow, and more – and has added new generative AI features to its well-known Kira doc review capability.

Legl – provides process automation for law firms via a no-code platform that helps law firms digitise and automate business operations such as payments, onboarding and AML compliance – and they have launched Legl Assist – ‘a smart genAI layer’ within the product.

Henchman – the AI-driven contract drafting system that gives you instant access to previously written clauses and definitions – and also includes generative AI capabilities for doc review.

ClearyX – the reimagined delivery of legal services from this specialist group connected to leading US law firm Cleary Gottlieb, and is working on and experimenting with generative AI projects.

DLA Piper – the global law firm which provides a range of additional consulting and legal tech services, as well as offering its own AI products to clients.

Integreon – the trusted outsourcing partner for corporations and law firms offering a range of professional and legal services. It has formed a partnership with the Contract Network platform, which utilises generative AI for contract work.

Springbok AI – machine learning and data science consultancy, including legal generative AI development for law firms.

Simplexico – consultancy providing white glove legal generative AI design and development services.

Plus, you will also want to make sure you hear the views of speakers such as: Joe Cohen at Dentons, a firm that has just launched fleetAI, its own generative AI product (see here for demo); Shilpa Bhandarkar at Linklaters, a firm that is working closely with several vendors on generative AI projects; Kerry Westland at Addleshaw Goddard, where major research into how this new form of AI can help the firm is taking place; as well as Peter Lee at Simmons & Simmons Wavelength, which has just launched its own dedicated group focused on generative AI. Plus, don’t miss the keynote from legal tech guru Zach Abramowitz, who will be extolling the virtues of this new wave of legal AI! And many more….

The individuals and companies noted here are just a sample of those exploring generative AI at the Legal Innovators conference. As noted, probably everyone coming to the conference is going to have done some research on generative AI and have formed their own initial views. We are just at the beginning of the learning curve with this technology and much is happening in many different areas. In which case there is going to be a LOT TO TALK ABOUT!

See you there and hope you can join the conversation.

Legal Innovators Conference – London – Nov 8 and 9

The Legal Innovators conference will be a landmark event exploring a range of key issues with high-level speakers from across the legal innovation ecosystem. The event will take place on 8 + 9 November in London. Day One: law firms and ALSPs, Day Two: inhouse and legal ops. 

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The two-day event comes at a time of significant change for the legal market and we will be bringing you engaging panels and presentations where leading experts really dig into the issues of the day, from generative AI, to the evolution of ALSPs, to law firm innovation teams in this new era for legal tech, to how empowered legal ops groups and pioneering GCs are making a real impact. And as always, I’ll be there and chairing the event. 

See you on November 8 & 9 !