AI Hasn’t Replaced Lawyers (Yet) – Webinar

(Vendor Live Webinar) – ChatGPT launched 15 months ago and its ability to pass the bar exam propelled it into nearly every conversation in the legal industry. As a demonstration of generative AI, it raised remarkable questions about how this technology might now transform legal work.

Over the past year, many thousands of lawyers have tried generative AI tools for themselves – exploring use cases in contract review, drafting, legal research, and more. Meanwhile, cautionary tales about LLM hallucinations have emerged.

Webinar Sign-Up is hereTime: April 17, 9AM PT (US) and 5PM GMT (UK)

To make sense of the advances of the past year, as well as what we can expect in the year ahead, noted industry analyst and founder of Artificial Lawyer, Richard Tromans, is reuniting with LegalOn Technologies’ CEO Daniel Lewis for a discussion.

Richard is the author of the thought-provoking Artificial Lawyer article ‘Is AI the End of Lawyers? Not Yet.’ Returning from a year-long sabbatical, this will be Richard’s first time sharing his fresh thoughts and insights. This session will cover:

  • Real World Impact vs. Experiments: Have we moved beyond experimental uses of GenAI in legal contexts?
  • Impact on Legal Economics: As law firms and in-house legal teams adopt GenAI tools, how has this begun to change the pricing and delivery of legal services?
  • The Role of Human Oversight: With overeager chatbots providing answers to questions they may not fully understand, what are legal technology companies and lawyers doing to validate results?
  • Navigating Change: How are legal teams and firms adapting to the integration of GenAI amidst historical resistance?
  • Future Outlook: Reflecting on the first year of GenAI’s integration into legal practices, we’ll examine its initial impacts, lessons learned, and what future developments we might anticipate.

Whether you’re a lawyer curious about how to future-proof your career, or a legal professional interested in the potential for AI in your business, this discussion will offer valuable perspectives on how AI is changing legal today and its path for tomorrow. Register today!


Daniel Lewis

Daniel is responsible for leading LegalOn’s expansion into the US. He is a seasoned legal tech executive. He was the founder and CEO of Ravel Law and VP and GM of LexisNexis’s Practical Guidance, among other roles. Daniel is a graduate of Stanford Law School.

And Richard Tromans, Founder, Artificial Lawyer.

[N.B. This free webinar is hosted and organised by LegalOn. AL is taking part as a guest.]

Legal Innovators California conference – June 4/5 – San Francisco

If this is of interest, then check out the Legal Innovators California conference, which will take place in San Francisco on June 4 and 5. Day One is focused on law firms and Day Two on inhouse and legal ops. Daniel is one of many great speakers attending the event, as part of a group of pioneering legal tech companies and service providers – you can see some more of our speakers here. Richard Tromans will be chairing both days of the conference.

Legal Innovators California Conference, San Francisco – June 4 + 5