GenAI IP Tool NLPatent Bags $1.5m Seed Cash + Product Walk Through

NLPatent has developed a GenAI-driven patent search and analysis tool (see AL TV Product Walk Through below) and gained $1.5m in Seed funding, with Steve Obenski the former CSO of Kira and Shelby Austin, CEO of Arteria AI, among the investors.

The platform ‘takes an AI-first approach to patent search [and] it’s built from a proprietary Large Language Model trained on patent data to truly understand the language of patents and innovation’ the Canada-based company told Artificial Lawyer.  

Stephanie Curcio, an IP lawyer by background and the Co-founder + CEO of NLPatent, said: ‘Users simply describe their invention in full sentences and conceptually relevant results are generated instantly; consistently outperforming human experts on speed and accuracy…..[and] it explains the relevant sections of each patent it identifies, removing the ‘black box’ often experienced by other AI-based platforms.’

So, there you go, now to the main part: the AL TV Product Walk Through. Please press play to watch inside the page. There’s a detailed description of what it does, then some Q&A with AL.

AL TV Productions, 2024.

Overall, the key message here is that GenAI is going to get into every nook and cranny of the legal world, and IP matters are no exception. In fact, given the density of patent texts and their huge numbers, plus highly complex contexts, LLMs are well-suited for this type of search and analysis work.

This site’s favourite aspect was the patent ‘Relevance Analysis’ capability, given that if you’ve waded through a patent you’ll see how verbose and technical they can be, hence this really helps, especially for those who are not experts in the area they are searching for.

P.S. more on the investment round at a later date, but for now, the lead investor was Storytime Capital, along with The51, The Legal Tech Fund, Archangel and others including Obenski and Austin.

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