Meet CaseSnappy ‘The Legal Research Tool For GenZ’

What can a law student with LLM skills achieve in terms of building well-liked legal tech products? Quite a lot it would seem. Meet CaseSnappy, a legal research tool focused on case summaries and created by Ayush Sanghavi, who is still studying law at Cambridge.

Check out the AL TV Product Walk Through video below to see more. Press play to watch.

AL TV Productions, 2024.

Speaking to Artificial Lawyer, Sanghavi said that in his personal view ‘legal research today is boring and inefficient. CaseSnappy is the legal research platform that understands GenZ’.

A bold claim, you may say, but just on his own, with an LLM, some free legal case data, and some clever prompt work, he’s managed to build a low-price tool that is used by students across the UK.

Now, one could say that this is a ‘thin wrapper’ product, and that is probably true. But, it’s got customer buy-in already. For example, law students from 70 universities are already using it (see the video).

‘[The big research companies] are frustrating,’ explained Sanghavi, ‘they are more for law firms. Legal research companies don’t optimise for young people.’

The pricing is affordable and it does look intuitive to use. But, you decide. Check out the video and have a look. And yes, AL asked about the data. He stressed that it was all free to use.

P.S. one question of course has to be: is there a moat? But, perhaps that may not matter and maybe brand recognition and user loyalty can overcome this? Any road, check it out.

P.P.S is this (at least part of) the future of legal tech? I.e. rapidly built, narrow moat, LLM-based tools that can be agile and quickly meet user needs? If one person can quickly build a tool with real uptake in the legal sector what does this mean for everyone else?