Legal Innovators California Launches New ‘Start-Up Gallery’

Legal Innovators California, the landmark legal tech conference in San Francisco on June 4 and 5, brings together private practice and in-house professionals who are actively shaping the legal innovation landscape.

This year, we are introducing a new aspect to the two-day program: the Start-Up Gallery. This initiative provides early-stage startups with a platform to set out what their product can do and what their vision is, in front of an audience that is eager to hear about the latest innovations and approaches to solving the legal sector’s most important challenges.

Currently, our Start-Up Gallery features LawDroid – Generative AI Legal Technology and Abstract. LawDroid, which is an intelligent automation company with a mission to promote justice everywhere, enables firms to engage and capture new clients through interactive chatbots, while providing data-driven insights and document automation. Additionally, it offers scalable tools for legal services and natural language processing for immediate client support.

While, based in San Francisco, Abstract is a VC-backed applied AI-tech startup operating in the Gov & Legal sectors. It serves as a project management and intelligence platform for understanding the impact of government policies on business and communities, as well as a tool to improve those policies. Abstract leverages AI models and proprietary data processing tech to uncover risks and opportunities posed by current and changing government policy for an organization’s products, assets, investments, labor force, manufacturing, and more!

Also in attendance will be three renowned tech investment experts:

  • Cary Burch, Founding Partner, President and CEO, Bryce Catalyst
  • Gabriela Isturiz, General Partner, The Fund XX
  • And, Zach Abramowitz, legal tech investor and advisor, Killer Whale Strategies.

If your startup would like to know more and take part, then please contact, Craig: 

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For more information about the two-day conference in San Francisco, June 4 and 5, such as who else will be speaking and the agenda, then please see here.