LegalMation Offers AI-Generated Responses For Employment Claims

LegalMation has launched a demand letter response solution for employment claims, which it says no-one else has done before. Initially the California-based company will focus on EEOC complaints, which is the US’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The move is seen as helping the legal tech scaleup, which launched in 2018, to expand not just what it can offer, but engage with more inhouse teams.

So, all well and good. How does it work?

‘[It] leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques including generative AI to analyze demand letters, extract relevant information, and generate high-quality responses. This automation not only reduces the time and effort required to respond to these claims but also ensures a higher level of accuracy and compliance.’

I.e. a mix of AI approaches, building on old and new tech. It’s understood that this approach is necessary to address hallucination risks.

The move follows a $15m Series A funding round led by Aquiline Capital Partners, which they say has helped them to accelerate product development. Or in other words, as the power and flexibility of LLM tech spreads across the legal market, LegalMation certainly wanted to ensure their company – which has pioneered auto-generated legal responses before GenAI was ‘a thing’ – stays ahead of the pack.

Thomas Suh, co-founder and COO of LegalMation, said: ‘By automating this process, we can help organizations save significant resources while improving the speed and consistency of their responses.’

‘For every dollar spent on LegalMation, our customers typically save between $5 and $7. We believe our demand letter response solution will be a valuable addition to our suite of already proven offerings. EEOC is the tip of the iceberg.’

And the last bit is the key part….the tip of the iceberg when it comes to clients leveraging AI to reduce inefficiency. Who knows, maybe we’ll get to peak legal inefficiency faster than expected?

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