ALTA Launches Women’s Legal Tech Directory

The Women of ALTA group, a division of the Australian Legal Tech Association, has launched a directory focused on women. They say the aim is to ‘revolutionise the visibility and accessibility of women professionals and entrepreneurs in the sector’.

The new directory is called ‘theWiLD – the Women in Legaltech Directory’ and is a searchable platform that features a comprehensive listing of experts in legal technology, as well as women-founded legal tech companies.

‘It aims to bridge the gap between these talented women and potential buyers, consultants, and collaborators,’ they said.

Amanda Fajerman, WALTA Chair and ALTA Board Member, stated: ‘Our mission is to raise the visibility and profile of female legal tech professionals and provide a means for the legal industry to consciously include diversity as part of the procurement process. 

‘We believe that highlighting the expertise of women in our field, will in turn make it easier for them to be engaged and their products to be purchased. In doing so, theWiLD will act as the initiator of change across the broader legal industry.’

While, Jodie Baker, Founder of Xakia, co-founder of ALTA and subcommittee member of WALTA, added: ‘When I started my company, Xakia, it felt like I was navigating uncharted waters alone. But WALTA created a vibrant community that champions the advancement of women in legal tech. TheWiLD expands that further to ensure the contributions of women are recognised and that they have equal opportunities to excel in this dynamic field.’