ALSP QuisLex To Use CLM ContractPodAi’s GenAI System Leah

ALSPs + AI tech, especially for contract review…..Artificial Lawyer has always thought that this is the perfect combo: specialised legal teams, plus specialised software, all to improve contract review and (re)drafting.

Now, US-based ALSP QuisLex, which according to LinkedIn has in the high hundreds of staff, with additional bases in the UK and India, has teamed up with CLM pioneer ContractPodAi to bring aboard its Leah genAI capability. They started to work together about a year ago – but this makes the relationship stronger.

Leah does a bunch of things, but generally we can say that it reviews, extracts, redlines and can also help draft, or in the case of an ALSP, re-draft. In addition, for clients licensing Leah directly from ContractPodAi, QuisLex will assist with the implementation to correctly install, train and regularly audit the platform to ensure its optimal use, they added. And that’s a win, win.

So, volume needs met by an ALSP, which is using an AI tool to help extract information and generally speed contract and document review, supplied by a CLM company, which knows a lot about volume and/or repeat client needs. It all seems like a perfect combo to this site at least.

In fact, shouldn’t all ALSPs that remain in the market pair off – at least in some type of JV, or capability sharing arrangement – with a CLM company that has developed its own AI tools? Isn’t this what clients want….? (Or will want if it’s offered to them?)

(Of course, some CLMs were in some ways like an ALSP in that they employed very large teams to get the system working. But, more recent companies have tried to rely more on the tech, than big teams of quasi-legal support, so moving that manpower aspect to a proper ALSP makes sense, allowing the CLM to focus on what it should be best at: the software.)

But, what does Quislex focus on? It covers a whole range of volume needs from litigation, to doc review and M&A due diligence, to even spend management, which has been a theme today in AL.

QuisLex CEO Ram Vasudevan, said: ‘ContractPodAi has proven itself to be a trusted partner to us and our clients for more than a year, so we are excited to expand our relationship to include its state-of-the-art generative AI legal platform, Leah, which promises to be a game-changer in the future of legal AI-powered productivity.

‘While our service delivery model has always emphasized the expertise of our exceptional people, we rely on the industry’s leading technology to deliver results. Leah is a unique tool with impressive capabilities that we’re excited to be utilizing to further improve workflows for our clients and increase their efficiencies and outcomes.’

Anurag Malik, president and CTO at ContractPodAi, concluded: ‘We’re excited to see QuisLex harness the power of Leah, marking a significant leap forward in how AI can empower legal teams to achieve more with less, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

‘Our partnership with QuisLex is a testament to our shared vision of leveraging innovative technologies like Leah to elevate the standards of legal service delivery across the board and reimagine legal as we know it.’

Overall, a smart move, and as noted above, every ALSP that is handling volume and is still in play, really should do the same. It would make their lives, the CLMs’, and the clients’ lives all a lot better.