Sales Group LexFusion Brings in LegalBillReview to Its Stable

LexFusion, the legal tech sales group, has brought LegalBillReview into its stable of companies, which it helps to market to potential buyers. In this case the focus is on law department spend optimization.

LegalBillReview is ‘a simple, effective service, proven to help inhouse legal departments materially reduce spend while saving on time-consuming invoice review – with zero risk’ they said in a statement. The company uses good old-fashioned human lawyers to help analyse the bills.

LegalBillReview specializes in identifying and correcting errors on outside counsel bills ‘while insulating the trusted advisor relationship from the necessary minutia of the attendant commercial relationship’ they added.

How it works.

Of course, and as noted with the story yesterday about Brightflag and their genAI ability to provide invoice summaries, it would be great if legal bills were not focused on time entries, and hence were no longer so complex that they were hard to grapple with or evaluate.

But, it’s the world we live in. Ultimately – and sorry guys – the goal should be for companies such as the above not to need to exist, unless they can help with the creation of fixed fees. I.e. time-based billing technology is like having a more powerful diesel engine, when what we really need is an electric vehicle. In short, it’s a reflection of the present reality, but that doesn’t mean we can’t push for change.

Christina Wojcik, Managing Director at LexFusion, added: ‘Their service strikes the optimal balance between yielding quantifiable savings and maintaining law firm ‘buy-in.’ And since their pricing model guarantees ROI, there’s no need to find room in the budget.

‘We’re thrilled to join the LexFusion collective,’ concluded Ryan Loro, President of LegalBillReview.