CLM Bigle Legal Launches Libra GenAI Assistant

Spain-based CLM company Bigle Legal has launched Libra, a genAI assistant. It specialises in summarising, analysing, translating, generating clauses and making queries related to contracts or legal documents.

As with many other CLM companies – and legal tech businesses in general – this is providing the kind of capabilities many lawyers are now starting to see as ‘the new normal’. The company, which has offices in Barcelona, Madrid and London, added that the assistant used ‘data encryption that stores the information on EU servers and [with] a world-class CSP it ensures the privacy of the user’s data and information’.

They told Artificial Lawyer that they cannot say which LLM(s) they are using at present, although this does not include OpenAI’s products.

An overview of its features includes:

  • A chat function that ‘resolves questions and doubts about documents, speeding up the search for relevant information and the analysis of legal contingencies’.
  • ‘review documents by creating summaries and generating legal opinions that facilitate the understanding and analysis of complex legal texts’.
  • it can ‘propose improvements to the contractual content in favour of one of the intervening parties, as required’.
  • generation of legal content, ‘including all types of clauses and contracts that adapt to the document being analysed’.
  • one-click automatic translation of documents with complex legal content into more than 20 languages.
  • And, naturally it’s integrated into the wider CLM platform and connects to a document archive within Bigle.

Alejandro Esteve de Miguel Anglada, CEO of Bigle Legal, said: ‘We want legal advisors to have a personalised assistant, focused on streamlining and enhancing their daily work associated with contracts but, above all, one that is reliable, accurate and secure in terms of information privacy.’

While Sergio Esteve de Miguel, Co-CEO of Bigle Legal and co-founder of the legal tech company with his brother Alejandro, added: ‘Technology evolves and the expansion and adaptation of AI to different uses and cases is only a matter of time.’

So, good news for CLM users. And as noted, many of the capabilities we can see here are now becoming the benchmark for many contract-focused tools.

Perhaps the bigger question is this: as every notable contract-related tool leverages LLMs, and thus can (with the right guardrails, additional KM support, and system prompts) deliver good summaries, doc review and drafting help, what happens now to this market segment?

It’s quite impressive how rapidly companies have assimilated this tech into their product offering. The flipside is that now some legal tech providers which had a clear gap between them and others some months ago, no longer have that technical gap. The ‘new normal’ has simply taken over.

That’s one of the challenges with LLM tech – the moat is not so massive that a company with sufficient resources and tech talent cannot also leverage it on top of / in addition to its main products.

Which then raises the question: if this is the new normal, what will make certain companies more attractive than others to the customers?

One place where you might be able to find out the answer to that question is…..

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